The 5 Mistakes That Could Crush Your Fundraising Efforts

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A Systematic Approach to Fundraising

With a proven fundraising system implemented at your organization, you know how fundraising works and how to engage the right donors in the right way. Structure gives you focus and direction on how to attract new donors and re-engage past donors. In fact, you build a donor pipeline and connect with those who can make significant gifts.

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What To Do If You’re Starting From Scratch

It’s overwhelming when you’re just getting started or learning on the job with fundraising. In this training, I guide you in a step-by-step approach to how to raise money, so you will become more comfortable and confident with the fundraising process and, of course, asking for money. This is perfect for you if you are entirely new to fundraising!

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How to Raise More Money than You ever Thought Possible

In this training, you will know where to spend your time and who to ask for gifts. No more procrastinating on qualified donors ready and able to provide significant funding. I provide a straightforward approach so you reach your highest fundraising potential and make the greatest impact.


Be “on top of your game!”

Be an Accomplished Fundraiser and Secure Significant Gifts for Your Nonprofit

When you open your mind to fundraising opportunities, you free yourself to re-evaluate funding potentials.

In fact, most fundraisers limit their thinking – they think small. But you work with philanthropists, and philanthropists think big. They think about impact.

You want to grab opportunities with donors who are ready and willing to make a large gift. On top of that, you will go beyond your current situation. And when you can see the vast possibilities of what donors can do, you will excel year after year raising money for your organization and opening career paths along the way. 

Nancy is about authentic relationships and results and is genuinely interested in the success of nonprofits.

Executive Director of Momentum

Imagine Growing Your Donor Base?

When you know what words to use when asking a donor for money, you feel confident and comfortable in asking for gifts.  In other words, you come across with conviction. 

And when a donor sees your enthusiasm and feels your passion, you increase your chances for success every time you approach a donor for a gift.

But right now, you feel like a turtle walking in peanut butter.

Whether you’re dependent on event fundraising, worrying about raising money without face-to-face meetings, or working without a fundraising plan, this training is for you.

If there’s ever a time to change your fundraising process, it’s now.

Join me to learn what it takes to be a skillful fundraiser.


Want to be that Fundraiser who Effortlessly Raises Money Year After Year?

When you use words that resonate with current and prospective donors, you grab their attention. You draw them in. Rather, you break through the noise and distinguish yourself.

Donors take action when they understand your needs and how their dollar makes a difference.

You find opportunities with donors who are ready and willing to make a gift. On top of that, you keep your donors year after year. That’s what you want!

Major donors are looking for organizations that make a difference in areas close to their heart. If you can clearly and compellingly articulate the impact of your work, you will never struggle to raise money and reach your fundraising potential.

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About Nancy...

Hi! I am Nancy Rieves, your fundraising coach. 

I did not plan to be a fundraiser. I fell into it like many of you!

While teaching leadership, marketing and business classes at a community college, the president asked if I would oversee the college foundation. I declined. I did not like asking people for money, not even for my daughter’s girl scout cookie sales! It was after the president asked me a third time that I considered the role.


After some time and training, I understood fundraising in a whole new light. It was not about me – it was about being a conduit for those who have the capacity to give and want to make a difference. It was about solving problems.

I completed my doctorate studies focusing my dissertation work on analyzing fundraising activities. My biggest discovery from my research was revealing — too many nonprofits focus on event fundraising that results in little net revenue. This discovery led to my emphasis on major gift fundraising.

After overseeing the college foundation and fundraising for a museum, I embarked on a journey to launch a new foundation. After securing the 501 (c)(3) status, I slowly hired a staff to oversee annual, alumni, corporate, major and legacy giving.

With effective board leadership, we established by-laws and policies for the new foundation. I focused on establishing fundraising processes and building an effective team. This amazing team raised over $16 million dollars and established endowments for many programs.

I knew little about fundraising when I started. However, I knew the importance of meaningful relationships and helping others make a difference that is meaningful to them.

Nancy, Count Me In!

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