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Major Gift




Despite no in-person donor contact,

a shift to online events, and

no time on your calendar to get it all done.  



So many nonprofits are affected in so many ways by today’s environment. The pandemic is taking a toll on your everyday life  . . . and also on your fundraising efforts.

In this training, I’m sharing the framework that performed for me through the 2008 economic downturn and beyond  . . . AND has been working for nonprofits in this environment.

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"Discovering your course, philosophy and tools, has been a game-changer for me as a non-profit board chair. It helped one of our board members engage with a donor and usher in a gift of $100,000" 

Board President

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Fundraising Maximized


is a quick-start program for fundraisers at any level who are ready and committed to having fundraising successful.

Now here's the best part:

You can check out everything 100% risk-free because you are completely protected by my 100% 30-day money-back guarantee.

The way it works is like this . . .  

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Major Gift Fundraising Fast Track

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 If you don’t love what you’ve learned and it hasn’t helped you, then all you have to do is this:

Simply send me a one-line email letting me know the program isn’t right for you -- for ANY reason, and I will refund 100% of your money.

No questions asked!

It’s really as simple as that!

In order to transform lives and communities . . . 

. . . you need a way to find those who can help and have the necessary funds to support your mission. The life of your programs depends on your raising money --- beyond events and beyond the pandemic.

Fundraising is an Art and a Science. In this training, I guide you through the FUNDRAISING BLUEPRINT to securing large gifts AND the art of how to personalize fundraising so it works for you.

Fundraising Fast Track is for you if you want . . . 

  • Ideal ways to identify the right people to support your programs
  • Best ways to approach donors
  • Right “ask” language so you more often leave with funding
  • Support you need so you don’t feel alone in your fundraising efforts
  • Help you desire so you’re not making decisions alone
  • To know who to ask and when to ask for gifts
  • A plan that works because you’re tired of trying to do it all and all by yourself
  • And much, much more

Frequently Asked Questions

What people ask before grabbing Fundraising Fast Track. (Click the question to view the answers!)

Learning to raise money through major gift fundraising is the single most impactful way to raise more money for your organization, crisis or not.

Taking the time to sharpen your skills is time well spent.

Consider the Old Chinese Proverb, The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today.

You can go at your own pace!  You have access to it for at least one year.

The time you spend in the course is the time you spend securing major gifts. Make the process a part of your culture!

Carve out the time. Pause and sharpen your skills.

This Fundraising Fast Track is for beginners and experienced nonprofit leaders alike at small- to medium-sized nonprofits. It is for part-time or full-timers as well as Board members and other volunteers.

Whether you are brand new or have been in the nonprofit world for a while, you need a basic understanding of how fundraising works.

I take you through a six-step process in which you can implement immediately strategies learned. 

Most fundraisers never commit to learning the basics of fundraising and never get over the fear of asking for money. When you have a system and an understanding of the fundraising process, you will be more confident, comfortable, and successful in securing major gifts.

The reason I’m doing this simple. I know there are so many nonprofit leaders (fundraisers)  who need help right now to bring in large gifts.

Also, my goal is not to charge as much as possible here. My goal is for you to become a customer for life. And I know the best way to do this is to get this in your hands at a price that is SO affordable that it’s impossible for you to say NO.

When you see how much value you get from this training . . . the next question will be “Nancy, what else do you offer? I want more of this. I want it all!

You can’t afford not to take this course!

Your nonprofit needs money NOW to overcome deficits caused by the pandemic.

Not to mention, this course is an investment in your skills as an executive or development director, board member, or fundraiser. You stand ready to advance the mission of your organization.


This course is for you!

One of the biggest questions people often ask is “How do I actually go about implementing the Major Gift Fundraising Blueprint at my nonprofit NOW?”

Well, the good news is you are going to love having a systematic approach to fundraising, especially during these challenging times.

You will know who to ask for large gifts, how to engage them, and the exact language to use in asking for a major gift.

In this training I reveal:

> The 3-point criteria for identifying your ideal major donors. In other words --  who to ask for a gift now and beyond.

> The 6-step formula for securing large gifts in a streamlined approach.

Yes, getting new donors and having repeat donors --- all with a small staff or as a one-person shop.

>How to overcome the fear of fundraising by knowing the best language to use when asking for a gift.

You will Fast-Track your learning curve on major gift fundraising.

> How to connect with donors during this crisis by following a process. How to implement a system to deepen your relationships with top donors and cultivate new ones.

I walk you through the entire Blueprint you received, so you can see how to apply everything at your nonprofit . . . . even if you can’t meet in person with donors and are hesitant to ask for a gift.


The Fundraising Fast Track is offered in audio and video format.  You will have online access to this platform for one year.

The Major Gift Fundraising Blueprint is yours to download, so you have it forever!


Fundraising Fast Track is a quick start program for fundraisers at any level who are ready and committed to fundraising success.

You can check out everything 100% risk-free because you are completely protected by my 100% 30-day money-back guarantee.

The way it works is like this . . .  

Once you've completed watching THIS video, click the "BUY NOW" button and sign up for the Major Gift Fundraising Fast-Track for Instant Access to the training.

Download everything to your hard drive. And Check it out for yourself.

If you don’t love what you’ve learned and it hasn’t helped you, then all you have to do is this:

Simply send me a one-line email letting me know the program isn’t right for you -- for ANY reason, and I will refund 100% of your money.

No questions asked!

It’s really as simple as that!

I know you want to be a SKILLFUL FUNDRAISER . . . especially with your desire to round out your leadership skills.

When you sign up for Major Gift Fundraising Fast Track, you’ll learn how to reach the right people, connect with donors, and raise funds to meet on-going and unique demands. 

Now more than ever, a fundraising plan is essential and major gift fundraising is essential. Securing major gifts is the single most effective way to raise money for your organization.

2020 does not have to be devasting. 

You’ve got what it takes to make things happen. You know how to get things done.

Major Gift Fundraising Fast Track can help you move forward in raising money. 


Here’s what we’re covering together in this 60-minute training:

  1. What is a Major Gift.
  2. Why now is the perfect time to focus on Major Gifts for your nonprofit.
  3. The six steps of the Major Gift Fundraising Blueprint - the INSPIR Method.
  4. How to identify potential major donors for your organization.
  5. How to invite potential donors to invest in your nonprofit.
  6. How to nurture your relationship with major donors so that they’re eager to give generously and frequently.
  7. What to do to take fundraising to the next level.
  8. And much, much more.

If you are thinking YES to at least 3 statements above, I can’t wait to meet you inside. . .

Fundraising Maximized


Your Ultimate Guide to Major Gift Fundraising

Join us inside the course!

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You can turn this year around and start 2021 strong and with total confidence in securing large gifts.

Even better, you can begin right now. When you purchase Major Gift Fundraising Fast Track, you’ll receive immediate access to the training.

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