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At Fundraising Maximized®, I know you want to be an accomplished fundraiser, especially with your desire to round out your fundraising and leadership skills. 

In order to raise money now, you need a way to find those with the means to give beyond event and small-gift fundraising.

In fact, maybe you have an urgent need to fund a special program.  Often that makes you feel anxious, eager, or maybe uncertain about the next steps.

I believe you should be confident, comfortable, and successful in securing large gifts, so you meet your budget and contribute to work that matters. 

I understand and care about nonprofits, which is why I’m providing you with a FREE roadmap -- a Major Gift Fundraising Plan TEMPLATE!


Nancy is about authentic relationships and results and is genuinely interested in the success of nonprofits.

April Benetollo, Executive Director of Momentum

Get Your FREE Major Gift Fundraising Plan TEMPLATE

To get started, download your template and get ready to raise significant funds for your organization. Receive weekly fundraising insights and registration information for special course offerings.



To raise significant dollars, you must have a reliable fundraising system.

Does your organization have a fundraising plan in place?

You have the power to shift your fundraising efforts from struggling to smart. All it takes from you is determination, a dedication to change, and, of course . . . 


Let my FREE Major Gift Fundraising Plan template guide you!

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Are You Ready to Raise More Money for Your Nonprofit?

Start with your FREE Major Gift Fundraising Plan.


→ Stop thinking small and remove those limiting beliefs about your ability to secure large gifts

→ Focus on what brings results 

→ And get a workable plan in place, whether you are an experienced fundraiser or starting from scratch!


And receive game-changing, weekly insights on how to secure major gifts and not-to-be-missed course offerings.

Where should we send your Major Gift Fundraising Plan?


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